We help people burnt out on religion find a relationship with God and get real solutions to overcome life's problems.

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Oasis 101 Logo

This course is a basic introduction to the ministry of Nfluence. It will help you understand our core beliefs and also set you on a path to becoming established in what God says about you!

Participants who complete Nfluence 101 become members of Nfluence and are asked to consider serving in one of a wide variety of Level 1 opportunities, not only at our campus church, Nlfuence Granger, but also within our parent organization, The Nfluence Network For Churches.

Bible Studies Logo

Bible study groups meet to discuss specific stories, books, topics and authors of the Bible.

All Bible study groups will evaluate Bible passages through the lens of the “finished work” of Jesus. Complex, or difficult passages, will be interpreted in light of God’s good nature toward his children and the righteousness of the believer.

Group leaders may assign additional supplemental resources that coincide with the topic being discussed

Gods Kids Logo

"God's Kids" are the children of Nfluence ages 2 months through 5th grade.

In the God's Kids Ministry, we desire to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and families of Nfluence through life-giving messages and trustworthy relationships.

We value children and their families, and we desire to be an encouraging voice to them!

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Nfluence continues to offer what it has since its inception in 2004 -

Real relationships. Life-giving messages. Radical grace.